The new “Bay Area”

California not your thing? Well, maybe it would be, but I bet your like many others and your company has moved you to the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay, known more for its brewery’s and cigars than its technology or startups, is now a major tech player and is adding hotel after hotel both in the city and along the beaches. IT companies and startups from all over the U.S. have realized that the Tampa Bay area, including St Pete and Clearwater, offer some of the nations lowest taxes and best financial incentives. State of Florida has no income tax! Venture capital has moved in along with nonstop connecting flights from Tampa Bay to the infamous San Francisco Bay Area.

Condominiums for sale at Clearwater Beach

Housing in Tampa is extremely affordable, and dreams of Ocean front coastal living can now be reality for many people. The commute from downtown Tampa, Westshore, or best of all, Rocky Point to Clearwater Beach is not bad at all, especially if your more familiar with sitting dead still on the 101 or better I-80.

One million dollars in San Francisco will buy you a one bedroom, one and a half bath overlooking another building along a busy city street. Whereas that same one million on Clearwater Beach will buy you a three thousand plus square foot penthouse suite with dynamic views of the Gulf of Mexico, Pier 60, and a post card perfect sandy beach.

Example Properties: 690 Market Street Unit 502 San Francisco California vs 440 S Gulfview Unit 1802 Clearwater Beach Florida

Tampa Bay now has an incredible craft beer scene, live music everywhere, and an entertaining nightlife. Any given weekend in SOHO, will be filled with cocktail dresses, designer suits, and amazingly tone bodies.  The people tend to be very attractive and most have vibrant personalities.

St Petersburg is becoming the next great underground with nifty bars, art, and First Friday, a monthly night dedicated to its downtown nightlife. The area is as much home to diversity as it once was to senior living. Alive, Vibrant, and young, this town is “where the action’s at”.

Clearwater Beach, once a small Florida beach town, is now booming with new condo buildings, amazing hotels, and a totally walkable beach town commerce section. In fact, there are pink sidewalks from the north end of the Clearwater beach all the way to the south end with eateries, marinas, hotels, and nifty shops along the route.

Weather your looking for sexy night clubs, live music, craft beer, or a glass of wine, this area is where the current generation is moving! This is truly the next “Bay Area”