Fighting Big Hotel Expansion in Clearwater Beach

Fighting Big Hotel Expansion in Clearwater BeachClearwater Beach is a beautiful area. It’s one of the few beaches in America that still has some quaint little sections available for you to enjoy. One such area is what’s known as Clearwater Point (a.k.a. “heaven” to the locals), which is located on the southern end of the area where it’s nicely removed from all the rest of the hustle and bustle that goes on around it. Unfortunately, if one of the area’s hotels gets its way this will no longer be the case. Before this can happen though this hotel must contend with over 100 of the area’s residents who plan to picket at an upcoming city meeting.

Appreciating the Beauty of Clearwater Point

While Clearwater Beach has a lot to offer, Clearwater Point is laid back and offers relaxation as its main feature attraction. Residents say the area has a “real neighborhood feel” that they want to keep even though leaders in this area want to more than double the size of the Chart House Hotel. Currently this is a small hotel that features 25 suite-style rooms, but the owners want to transform it into an 8-story, 60-room hotel and offer 80 parking spaces. Owners of the nearby condos don’t want to hear of this, which is why hundreds of them have signed a petition against the project stating that their biggest concerns are the noise and traffic it’ll bring to their area. They believe it’ll be very difficult for them to get out of the area since it already takes them about two hours to get down to Coronado during tourist season.

In Defense of the new Hotel

Decade Properties out of Wisconsin is responsible for this hotel’s development. They estimate that an additional 502 car trips in and out of the area will occur each day. However, they’re willing to strictly follow the city’s noise ordinance if they’re granted permission to renovate their hotel property. This is something that leaders in Clearwater Beach are willing to consider because there aren’t any concerns about the sewage system or infrastructure being able to manage the load.

There are also some visitors in the area who are willing to weigh in on things. They say that this will give them more variety when it comes to finding a place to stay while visiting Clearwater Beach. Although the area has added 11 hotels within the past 15 years and plans to construct two more this year, visitors argue that competition will help reduce the cost of staying in this area – something that should bring even more visitors.

Even with all the tourists taking to this part of Florida today, Clearwater Beach is still very inviting. In fact, once you’re there, you may never want to leave again. If this happens to you and you’re ready to make the area your new home, make sure you contact Clearwater Beach Real-estate to help you find the home of your dreams. Over the years this is something they’ve helped many people with. You should be next!

Picture Credit: wikimedia