Life in Clearwater Beach Florida

Life in Clearwater Beach FloridaThe Gulf-front barrier island part of Clearwater, Florida has a way of convincing visitors they should move there. While you may know about the sand and surf of Clearwater Beach, the city stretches inland to Tampa Bay – about 26 miles that consists of a downtown area, bayfront bluff, historic neighborhood, commercialized corridor, State Road 60, and Highway 19. Nevertheless, the beach is the area that mesmerizes most folks – where people really want to live today. The bay is also another beautiful attraction though, from which you’ll see dolphins and catch stone crab off the dock.

What Makes Clearwater Beach so Attractive

Clearwater is committed to tourism (its largest industry), something you’ll see reflected in their $30 million Beach Walk that attracted the Hyatt and Sandpearl hotels. This is a low wall that snakes along the promenade, which is about a mile long. This is a great place to watch people. Other great activities you’ll enjoy here include boating, skateboarding, and spending time on the beach. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a tourist you’ll feel welcome here.

Once you’re ready to head indoors you’ll enjoy a myriad of shops and restaurants that also embody the tourist philosophy. Here you’ll really notice the mixed demographics of this city – including full and part time residents, retired persons, families, and people from up North taking advantage of the warm weather. Literally, you’ll find every type of person here since there’s nowhere you “must be seen” but there are many places you’ll enjoy seeing like the revitalized Cleveland Street District – racecar driver Mario Andretti’s favorite place when he’s in Clearwater.

Housing in Clearwater Beach, Florida

You’ll find most of the area’s waterfront homes located along the extreme southern and northern boundaries. Here condo prices have increased by 15% as new luxury towers are being built. Their listings range from $43,000 for a small apartment to $3.7 million for a penthouse. While you may be astounded by such prices, you’ll also be tempted since you can have your boat in the backyard.

Head up to North Beach where the Sandpearl Residences and its sister resort are located. There you’ll find a combination of commercial and residential properties that date back to the 1950s-era. This includes beach cottages, motels, and new homes. Some of the other great properties worthy of checking out include:

  • Island Estates consists of mid-rise condos. It’s located between Clearwater Beach and the mainland.
  • Harbor Oaks is a historical area that overlooks Clearwater Harbor boasts of giant, live oak trees and century-old homes. One of its mansions consists of 14,912-square-feet and a $14.0 million price tag.
  • Inland you’ll find the Countryside subdivision with homes costing around $400,000 due to its distance from the beach.

Why the Area is so Notorious and Striking

Ever since the movie Dolphin Tale was filmed in the area, Clearwater has been on the map. It’s generated interest in the area from many first-time visitors and helped with the surge of second-time home buyers in the area – about 75% of the area’s real estate market today.

Part of the appeal here is the sense of community that you’ll find in Clearwater Beach. This is evident when you receive a friendly greeting as you pass someone on the street. It also flows over to the fact that most businesses in this area are locally owned.

Making Your Move

When you’re so mesmerized by the area of Clearwater that you’re ready to move there, you’ll want to find the best realtor to help you have a successful move. This is when and why you’ll want to contact Clearwater Beach Real Estate. They’ve helped many people move into the area and you should be next.