To the novice investor, distressed property, including mismanaged assets  that may not need any physical improvement, signals momentous risk and uncertainty.  However, a professional investor savvy about market trends, fluctuations, and opportunity knows that buying the right property at the right time can produce profitable results.

Andrew Cherry has been guiding and helping investors with regard to the commercial decision making process for many years now!  He can help you locate the right property at the right price and show you how to profit from the acquisition.  Sometimes he may advise to scrape and redevelop, whereas other deals may only require that you properly manage the asset, so that it maximizes your rate of return.  Don’t let the amazing opportunities pass you by!

Real Estate is a relatively stable form of investment, not just for the potential increase in property value, but for the monthly return on investment / ROI.

More and more money is finding its way into real estate.  In comparing stocks and bonds to real estate we look at the cash yield of the investment.  For instance, typically if you own one million in stocks, you will show around twenty thousand paid to you in dividends returned each year.   However, with the same one million investments in real estate, such as commercial shopping centers, apartment buildings, and in some cases residential, THAT SAME ONE MILLION will TYPICALLY RETURN more than FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND on average, per the wall street journal 2011.  The example assumes the property was purchased using cash.

People want cash, as cash supports the price of the investment.  In real estate we continue to value the properties by the rents they are producing.    Andrew Cherry can help you locate real estate others will likely miss and show you how to maximize the capitalization rate on your real estate investments!

  • Appreciation
  • Great Capitalization Rates
  • Amazing Return(s) on Investment