Information for Buyers

Andrew Cherry has access to more detailed listing information than his Multiple Listings Service (MLS) provider is allowed to make publicly available!  Contact Andrew today and learn about hidden opportunities, such as pocket listings, non replicated MLS listings, and bank owned properties not available to the general public!

These reports represent knowledge and experience that can help you better understand the purchase process.  This information should answer many common questions.  However, it is recommended that you contact Andrew and schedule a pre purchase meeting, so that he can answer additional questions and help prepare you for the future purchase.  During this pre purchase meeting, you will have the opportunity to hire Andrew Cherry as your official real estate buyer’s side representation.

1- Andrew Cherry; Dedicated Buyer’s Agent

2- How to Avoid Home Buying Mistakes

3- Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

4- Buyer’s Checklist

5- Choosing A Lender

6- Lending Information & Borrowing Money

7- Traditional Lender Requirements

8- Consider the Contract

9- What is Escrow

10- Title Insurance

11- Art of Negotiation

12- Put it in Writing

13- The Offer

14- Role of A Title Company

15- 5 Secrets to Buying the Best House for Your Money

16- Down Payment Information

17- Flood Insurance

18- Home Inspections

19- Closing the Transaction

20- Appraisal Basics

21- Additional Information for New Home Owners

22- Planning Your Move