Information for Sellers

Every property sale is a new learning experience.  These reports contain knowledge generated from years of selling property in the Tampa Bay Marketplace, including Clearwater Beach.  Reading these reports is a way for you to gain knowledge based on Andrew Cherry’s experience.  Some of these reports have been written by Andrew Cherry’s dedicated staff and others were written entirely by Andrew Cherry.

1- Exhibit the Exterior

2- Curb Appeal & Landscaping

3-For Sale By Owners: NOT Worth the Hassle

4-Signing a Listing Agreement

5-Appraisal Basics

6-Property Value

7-Setting the Price

8-Showcase The Interior

9-Avoid Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands

10-Obtaining the Highest Possible Price

11-FSBO: Why People Are Afraid To Purchase From You

12-Six Selling Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!

13-Better Sales Price Equals Less Time on Market

14-Pricing Right Is Paramount

15-Put it in Writing


17-Seller’s Closing Checklist

18-Closing the Transaction

19-Planning Your Move